New compost and manure!

We are now swimming in compost and manure!  Thanks to Pt. Reyes Compost (compost) and Five Brooks Ranch (horse manure), for bringing so much of it!!  (now we just have to spread it!)downsized_0305151201

10 yards of Horse manure (from five brooks ranch) getting dropped off at the Hillside plot


20 yards of Fresh Pullet poo from Pt. Reyes Compost getting delivered to Black Mtn. Ranch plot


10 yards of compost from Pt. Reyes Compost delivered to Cypress

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  1. A 純粋エキサイティング調べ、私はができるおそらく完全に同意していないが、あなたは、いくつかの真作るのですか正当なポイントを。

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