Winter crops growing on hillside plot Come to our Fall Farm Party!  Sunday, September 27, 4 into evening! Bodega Red Potato Harvest We have wool from our sheep! Zucchini and Strawberries are ripe! Rainwater harvesting Community Supported Agriculture Program is expanding The Farm Stands are always open Its potato planting time! Artichokes arrive in abundance Cabbage Patch New compost and manure! Surprise Crop!  French Radishes (D’Avinon variety) Arrival of Purple Cauliflower! TTF discusses Soil Carbon with Marin Carbon Project on KWMR’s Farm and Foodshed Report Table Top Farm on the Radio with the Greenhorns and friends Black Mtn. Sunset Planning season and strawberry fields forever Mid-February 2013 – Wind and seeds January 24, 2013 – Winter’s Quiet

August 21, 2015

Bodega Red Potato Harvest

May 17, 2015

Rainwater harvesting

April 26, 2015

Its potato planting time!

March 24, 2015

Cabbage Patch

March 6, 2015

New compost and manure!

December 13, 2014

Arrival of Purple Cauliflower!

August 3, 2014

Black Mtn. Sunset


Sign Ups are now on for the 2022 CSA season!

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and Table Top Farm is truly a community-based farm. We are in our 13th year farming here in Point Reyes and our 12th year running the CSA program. The TTF CSA vegetable box program runs late May/early June (based on availability) through October and sometimes into November. Harvests are every Monday, excluding holidays. Cost is $450 for the season. Pay by check or cash – send to Table Top Farm, P.O. Box 1412, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956, or just drop off at either the 33 Cypress Rd farm stand or the farm stand just past the school on Hwy 1. Just make sure we know who you are! For more information please contact Arron by emailing We look forward to growing delicious vegetables for you! Thank you!!

Sign-Up for our 2018 CSA Summer Program!

We are getting off the ground with our late winter and early spring plantings.  The outlook is promising for yet an another amazing year for our farm and for the CSA program!  In our 7th CSA season, the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program has been the foundation of our farm.  As a whole, CSA farm membership supports us as small farmers, supports the community we live in, and supports the culture of organic farming.  Please join us this season in celebrating the beauty, taste, and spirit of small scale organic farming and sign up as a CSA member.  Sign up here.

Once we begin in late May/early June, you will receive a beautiful box every week of fresh, nutritious, organically-certified vegetables (and berries!) grown by us here in Pt. Reyes Station.  This season, we will offer Open Farm Days one Sunday per month, where you can drop in, hang out on the farm and see where your food is being grown.  We will also be hosting regular volunteer hours so that you can get the full organic farm experience – come get your hands dirty, learn some gardening tips, and return home with some fresh produce!

We look forward to the 2018 season and hope that you will join us in making 2018 the best year ever at Table Top Neighborhood Farm!

Join the Table Top Neighborhood Farm 2017 C.S.A!

Community Supported Agriculture is a great way to support your local Organic farm and get great, fresh delicious vegetables, in-season.

2017 looks to be another great season for our CSA program.  We have planted a lot of vegetables and are just starting to harvest onions, lettuce, garlic, oregano and strawberries!  Soon we will be harvesting tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, swiss chard, so many strawberries and much more!

Sign-up for the CSA here!



Winter crops growing on hillside plot

Lots of delicious winter greens, roots and herbs growing at the hillside plot for the season.  They are slowly growing up and we will be putting them in the downtown farm stand all through the fall and winter.  This is the first season we will have enough to keep a continuous supply of year-round produce in the farm stand, for 4-season production!  yay!  A big thanks to all of our land-owners for all their encouragement and support – Julia Bartlett, Dave Osborn and family, Scott Whidden and family, Tony Ragona, and Celine Underwood, owner of Brickmaiden Breads – Thank You!!.  We could not do this without such a great community of empowered neighbors and friends.


Come to our Fall Farm Party! Sunday, September 27, 4 into evening!

invite fall party

Bodega Red Potato Harvest

These potatoes are called Bodega Reds.  From the 1800’s through the middle of the 1970’s, they were a major potato variety grown on the north coast, mostly around Bodega Bay.  Due to blight that killed off the variety, they fell off the radar and no one saw any for decades, until about 7 years ago, when one turned up.  It was genetically tested and found to be this type.  After a successful seed generation program at the USDA in Washington State, this variety is back in action!  We were very lucky to have found some seed commercially this year and it performed outstandingly in the field.  Come get some and taste the past!


We have wool from our sheep!

Finally was able to pick up our wool last week, which was processed and spun at Yolo Wool Mill near Davis. It has now been made into beautiful bulky weight yarn and we have 10 pounds of it from our 7 Jacobs variety sheep.  We have about 30 skeins of bulky weight yarn (shown here on the left) available for sale.  Please contact Arron at  Thanks!


Zucchini and Strawberries are ripe!

Look for them at the farm stands.  Right now, we are harvesting Seascape and Albion variety strawberries.  The Seascape are super-sweet and grow up on the plot on the hill above town (atop Toby Lane…) and the Albion variety berries are less sweet but have a more complex flavor and are grown on Cypress.  The zucchini (the striped variety is called “safari”) are grown at the MacDonald property and the Cypress plot.  0605151013


Rainwater harvesting

In hopes that the weather forecast might be rainy, Eric Oldmixon hooked up the water tank to the rain gutter on the neighboring Emporium building’s roof, thinking maybe we could collect some rainwater for the Brickmaiden garden.  Unfortunately, the rain storm went right around us, but we’re prepared for the next one.  Hope its a gully washer!0514151013

Community Supported Agriculture Program is expanding

We are adding CSA members right now.  Every week, you’ll get a lovely box of the freshest vegetables.  You’ll make wonderful meals that are full of taste and nutrition.  And you’ll be supporting your neighborhood farm and participating in the local food system, which has many benefits in the community and in the environment.  Its a win-win-win-win-win!  We are able to add about 10 new shares over the next month.  Let us know if you are interested!  Thanks!  0511151229

The Farm Stands are always open

Thanks Robert Steinberg for the nice photo of the Cypress Farm Stand!Farm Stand 2015

Its potato planting time!

Potato planting time is here!  Last week, Ben, Falipa and I planted about a 1/2 acre of Yukon Gold and Bodega Red (a rare potato variety from Bodega Bay that almost went EXTINCT! – to read more, go here: up at the plot on the hill above town (Scott’s plot).  Just after we planted, it rained all night long.  What luck!  We are planting the rest of the potatoes to harvest as “new” potatoes up at Macdonald Lane plot (Tony’s land).  After we were done planting, we went and ate french fries, in hopes of a bountiful crop.


Artichokes arrive in abundance

The artichokes have arrived!!  We planted two varieties (Violetta and Globe) last June up at Whidden’s field (above town).  They are so delicious and simple steamed and dipped in butter.  Right now they are in the farm stand at Cypress.


Cabbage Patch

Suddenly, there are many cabbages in the field at Macdonald lane.  They are so delicious raw or cooked.  A great, old variety called Glory of Enkuizen.  They won’t last long with all this warm weather we have been having.  Ben and I planted them by seed in the greenhouse last July.  Erika Hara, Mike Coffino (amazing volunteers!) and myself transplanted them last October.  Ben and I (mostly Ben…) weeded them about 1.5 months ago and my have they grown since then!


New compost and manure!

We are now swimming in compost and manure!  Thanks to Pt. Reyes Compost (compost) and Five Brooks Ranch (horse manure), for bringing so much of it!!  (now we just have to spread it!)downsized_0305151201

10 yards of Horse manure (from five brooks ranch) getting dropped off at the Hillside plot


20 yards of Fresh Pullet poo from Pt. Reyes Compost getting delivered to Black Mtn. Ranch plot


10 yards of compost from Pt. Reyes Compost delivered to Cypress

Surprise Crop! French Radishes (D’Avinon variety)

Hopefully these will show up in the CSA soon, once we start again.


Baby Chicks Are Here!!!

Twenty-two little peeps just arrived yesterday morning in the mail.  After their bumpy ride out here from Iowa, they seemed to settle into their new little home and have already noticeably grown.  In about 4-5 months they will start laying their first eggs, which will be in the Cypress Road farm stand.


Arrival of Purple Cauliflower!


Finally, the purple cauliflower is here!  What a surprise it was to be walking among the hip-high rows of broccoli and cauliflower and notice these gorgeous, purple blossoms taking shape, calling out to the world.


TTF discusses Soil Carbon with Marin Carbon Project on KWMR’s Farm and Foodshed Report

Great program on KWMR’s Farm and Foodshed Report with John Wick of Marin Carbon Project, Robin Carpenter (host) and Arron Wilder (me) discussing Soil Carbon and Climate Change

Follow this link to listen



Table Top Farm on the Radio with the Greenhorns and friends

Highly informative radio program on Post-Carbon Radio about the new agrarian movement and the future of agriculture with:
Severine Von Tsharner Fleming of the Greenhorns (,
Evan Wiig of the Farm Guild (,
John Wick of The Marin Carbon Project (,
Mickey Murch of Gospel Flat Farm (,
Molly Meyerson of Little Wing Farm, and
Arron Wilder (